Can you imagine how much it costs to rent a dedicated server? If you were interested in this issue, then you probably know that this service is quite an expensive pleasure, especially since you need to allocate a separate room for the server. But what if your budget is limited and you need several servers at once?

VPS is the optimal solution for any economical user, because renting a virtual dedicated server or VPS, you significantly save your time and money.

Advantages of VPS over dedicated servers

VPS or a virtual dedicated server should not be confused with the rental of a physical server, because in fact VPS is just a rental of space on the server, which you will have to share with other users – VPS tenants. On one “real” server, many virtual servers (VPS) can be created.

What is it for? It’s simple, renting a real server is affordable only for large companies or enterprises and firms with a high level of income. In turn, VPS can be rented even by a small business or organization that even has a small website, an online store or a portal. The cost of renting virtual space on the server is quite low, due to the fact that all VPS users share the contents of the main server.

Despite the fact that there can be many vps users, the quality of working with virtual space does not suffer from this.

At the same time, your vps will allow you to add, delete and modify any files, create your own libraries and directories, and most importantly, install your own programs and applications. 

Why HostZealot?

Choosing our Perfect Money VPS servers, you get completely safe, high-performance and economical systems.

The security of VPS is that other users who rent a virtual server with you cannot access your data. However, only the owner of the VPS has administrator rights and can do anything with his/her data on the server.

Virtual dedicated VPS server from HostZealot is a profitable offer for the development of your business for affordable money! You can evaluate the quality of our service using the VPS test period.

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