How to choose the color of the walls?

The wall’s color plays an important role in home design. Walls may be painted or with wallpapers. Many people don’t know that a wall’s color can affect people’s emotional state, reduce or enlarge a room, and completely change the look. If you don’t know which color you should choose to paint the walls you need to read this article.

By the way, you know that red paintings can add more beauty to the apartment? Paintings are the best way to make your rooms trendy or antique, vice versa. The main thing is to choose such a painting by color, size, and style. It will look incredible! 

How do colors affect people’s emotional state?

It’s easy. At least once you have seen bright walls in any apartment and then you felt uncomfortable. Bright shades can make an aggressive atmosphere, of course. Red color can affect negatively, for example. The red walls in the bedroom will be bad especially because it is a place where we have to relax and sleep. It’s better to make bright walls in the living room but don’t overdo it. But it’s difficult to choose the decor for bright walls. The easiest way is to paint walls in light pastel colors because they are basics. Beige, white, milk, light pink, pastel blue, green, brown, and yellow are the most popular. 

It will be easier to choose the furniture for your home if you make light walls. There is a rule: if the walls light, furniture must be dark and vice versa.

Don’t use bright colors like red in the little flat because it reduces the room. A combination of cold and warm shades creates a contrast. You should not use this way because it also reduces the room. To make the room more spacious you need:

  1. Put fine curtains that allow daylight;
  2. Paint the walls in light colors or use pastel wallpapers;
  3. Put large or panoramic windows;
  4. Put more mirrors and lamps to add more lighting;
  5. Don’t use big decor items which take up a lot of space.

If you decide to glue the wallpapers you need to avoid difficult patterns because they make an uncomfortable atmosphere. A very bad way is to put such wallpapers into the bedroom. It is the place where we relax and sleep so there must be calm. You may choose the wallpaper with animal, flower, and plant prints because people feel good when they consider nature pictures. 

These were all tips for choosing the color of the walls. Now you have more knowledge. Happy choice!

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