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What Kinds of Black and White Abstract Paintings Are Available?

There are lots of people who buy black and white abstract paintings for their walls and have they hung up on the wall. They have a great deal of enjoyment in looking at their art pieces and even if they don’t, there is no denying that they can enhance the overall appearance of any room ….  Read More

Unique living room furniture

The comfort of spending time in your own home depends on the convenience, quality and appearance of your furniture. That is why many people opt for unique living room furniture that is tailored according to their preferences and individual needs. If you are one of them, then you can put a stake on exclusive designer ….  Read More

How to choose the color of the walls?

The wall’s color plays an important role in home design. Walls may be painted or with wallpapers. Many people don’t know that a wall’s color can affect people’s emotional state, reduce or enlarge a room, and completely change the look. If you don’t know which color you should choose to paint the walls you need ….  Read More


Can you imagine how much it costs to rent a dedicated server? If you were interested in this issue, then you probably know that this service is quite an expensive pleasure, especially since you need to allocate a separate room for the server. But what if your budget is limited and you need several servers ….  Read More

Многопоточность на PHP

Хочу рассказать вам про многопоточные приложения, взаимодействие процессов (IPC) и применение всего этого на PHP. В качестве примера мы возьмем счетчик с эксклюзивным доступом, доступный для всех процессов. Что такое многопоточность? Это способ разделения программы на отдельные сущности (процессы и треды(threads)) для обеспечивания параллельности выполнения. Зачем это нужно? Для ускорения работы. Ведь открывая какой-нибудь сайт ….  Read More